My Tribute to My Lady Carson

Life is a very precious cup and it does not matter how shallow the cup or deep, whether rounded or square,whether gold or clay, the chalice is a sacred repository of life. When you pour love into the chalice the cup is a rainbow whose gold is the embrace of the communion that rainbow offers. When you add recollection the chalice is renewed and the light coming from within is magnified like a thousand votive candles. When you paint its portrait with flesh and touch, the chalice becomes a living receptacle adorned with molecules and endless universes. When you hear the voice of that chalice in a thousand tongues and songs in the voice of your beloved companion you hear all the music ever made and ever will be. Our wee companion played her song on a hundred stages and in a thousand portraits but all sang the same lyrics as she looked at you with those mirrors that were her eyes, “I love you and you love me…all is well”. my tribute to you My Lady Carson+ Rev Andrew Gentry


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