Primates to gather not to meet

Warning…Shop Talk.

It seems that our Anglican friends are going to have a world wide Anglican “gathering” not a “meeting” but a gathering. The difference is important and quite properly “functional”. Now this ecclesiastical chinwag between what are called “the primates”, yes primates, and yes the comparison between the animal kingdom and the human one is not lost on most, can’t be a “meeting” for several reasons.
The most honest reason is they can no longer get along with each other and in some cases so much acrimony has been exchanged between them that they are openly contemptuous of one another! Having something akin to an Anglican donnybrook as a photo opt, something unimaginable even ten years ago, would go over like a pregnant nun in the Vatican.
Hence the second reason: At a chinwag called a gathering there will be no official exchanges and or meetings and this avoid the embarrassing situation, yea even sinful one, of having a Eucharist in which bishops and their clergy refuse to attend an or refuse to share Communion with all present.
Now that that sticky wicket has been avoided at least potentially so different folk with opposing views can walk and talk with the grand fubah otherwise known as the Archbishop of Canterbury without either him or they endorsing or condemning anything.
However there is one very sticky and potential flash point. A large percentage of the African and Asian kin will not attend even a gathering if the American Episcopal Church or the Anglican Church in Canada are invited which they have been so the rumour is that the grand fubah sent out different invitations spelling out different formats to suit each of the feuding cousins. Now his problem is what if they all show up and make public his letter that he sent to them which are all different.
But with the election of a new PB by the Americans who unlike his predecessor is not afraid to talk about and praise Jesus there may be an opening. Add to this the further rumour that this new PB is not interested in spending any more money on keeping monies and properties that in reality do not belong to his national headquarters in the first place presents the possibility of a real life Anglican compromise being reached. After all the deist CEO/PB who is leaving office this year spent over 44 MILLION dollars to punish those who she did not like and to insure that the National headquarters did in fact retain control over what was not theirs in the first place. I asked one American Episcopalian what she thought was the real reason the “new sheriff in town”, as the soon to be former PB K Shorri called herself, was for the vendetta and my friend said ” she is very afraid the Episcopal Church will become so small even as small as the UCC and there will not be enough money to sustain it?”
Enough shop talk!


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