a wee bit more shop talk

Forgive a wee bit more shop talk. A friend of mine who is an Episcopal priest in good standing in his diocese and for that reason I will not use his name or diocese asked me about my post recently on “the gathering”. His question was what if anything will happen?
SO I thought about that and checked some “sources” to see what kind of tea is abrewing.

Frankly I don’t think anything will come of it certainly not of any substantive nature. The Communion is broken and in all honesty in multiple divorces. There is no way you are going to get people who may have had loved ones martyred by jihadists because they affirmed their belief in a Person, and that Person being Jesus Christ, to accept the notion that that Person is just one of many or just a divine poet raising a consumer driven egocentric user friendly over privileged culture to a spiritual awareness!

The leadership of the Anglican Church of Canada and the outgoing deists who have ruled the Episcopal Church USA fir for the past 7 or so years are absolutely clueless as the why their African and Asian sisters and brothers find this deism utterly unAnglican and by implication therefore UnChristian. When you have a presiding bishop who sees Jesus as having a little more “god consciousness” than most of the rest of us rather than understanding two thousand years of creedal and scriptural affirmation of the Incarnation what do you really expect to happen at “the gathering”. Just because you have pretty fancy hats and wear robes with gold and sliver crosses hanging from chains around your neck and have big rings on your finger does not make you either a bishop or a Christian. A good actor can do this much better.

Last night I watched several consecration services and I listened intently to the homilies and the admonitions for the soon to be ordained. Most of what I heard I could and do accept and believe even to the point most definitely to the point of sharing Eucharist with these folkes. BUT THEN the sadness of understanding that these people would not welcome me to the Communion Table SIMPLY because I am the person whom God made me and because I love someone who SIMPLY shares the same gender identity! How sad and how Jesus must weep to see those who preach and praise in his Name miss the boat so utterly!

These people do not want and did not want those of us who accept Jesus because we are gay so the devil smiled and said “that is ok I am going to fill that void with all manner of fake religion” and so evil had indeed done that!
Moslems cannot see beyond a sharp point of a sword and these people cannot see beyond a penis or a vagina!


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