Just when you thought you have heard everything

Just when you thought you have heard every thing but haven’t category:

In Stockholm there is a very famous church called the “Seafarers Church”, well it seems that a lesbian activists bishop of the Swedish Lutheran Church, the state church of Sweden, wants to take down all the crosses and any symbols of the Christian faith in and on the church and replace them with signs pointing to Mecca so that it can be used as a mosque or at the very least be used as a community gathering for Moslem immigrants by removing anything that may be “offensive” to Moslems. Apparently the good bishop does not know or care about the Syrian Christians who might be in the flood of immigrants that is if they are any left after being slaughtered both children and adults by the jihadist she is so intent on welcoming! Nor is she concerned again apparently that as a woman she is considered inferior to men and particularly as a lesbian she is considered unclean and worthy of death by this same ideology she is so intent upon protecting from being offended. She is really giving ammo to the those on the right who oppose women clergy and in particular gay women clergy! She also must be unaware of the fact that the very notion of religious pluralism is rendered impotent by her asinine and stupid idea! She and Katie Schorri would get along well.

Second item: According to one of Nixon’s top aides and one of his, Nixon’s, handwritten memos he admits the bombing of North Vietnam and Cambodia accomplished “zilch” his words but ordered more bombings because it was politically popular. In the words he ordered more people needlessly killed including American young men so he could get re-elected. This alone should have been the cause of impeachment and conviction! The man should have in jail and now another criminal who supported him is still free despite his sending young men and women to their deaths along with thousands of civilians! God help us!


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