More corporate expose. Several years ago a very well known and large local supermarket had two teenage boys working as cashiers. These two lads were very tech savvy and very intelligent. Together they worked out a scheme that when a customer paid for his or her grocery bill with a debit card they would add a dollar or two to the bill and take it out of the register. Unless the customer noticed the added charge the amount would be approved. This went on for several months and an observant manager happen to notice the discrepancies in the tills. As this company’s security folkes dug deeper they found that the two enterprising youths had fleeced this supermarket’s customers several thousand dollars! Had the lads not gotten greedy and starting adding on larger amounts they would have probably gotten away with it for a much longer time. The manager knew these boys were facing serious jail time BUT instead the security head dragged the two into the manager’s office and confronted them with their crime. Then he told them that the company would not prosecute IF they never stepped foot in any of the stores in the chain and if they never told anyone of what had happened! Why because they did not want people to know what had happened with all the bad publicity and all the potential law suits. Can you imagine the spectacle of this store having to spend thousands for labour costs to research receipts of all who demanded refunds! SO like so much in corporate America all was silent and no one was held accountable!!! I know the store this happen in because I worked there part time for many years including the time this went on.


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