Warning…..a little shop talk

I just read a critique by a very conservative professor at a very conservative seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church of the typical trendy whatever is in vogue liturgy installing the new PB. Well it was HIS installation though you would think someone claiming an Anglican identity would have had a very Anglican BOCP type of celebration but then again we are talking about a national edifice with a less than a stellar history of ecclesiastical sensitivities. I mean what was the deal with the Islamic prayer asking God to help us understand the Koran…..seriously! Now you know why the AC is close to haemorrhaging.

This same professor critiqued a sermon by the former ceo/pb which would require a thesis to detail but the question that came to my mind was one of honesty. Just as in the political realm where words have come to mean nothing this seems true in the religious and maybe theological realms too. If you don’t believe anything the Collect says or the Scriptures or the Eucharistic language how can you stand in front of people with even a shred of integrity and pretend to celebrate something you do not believe in. Wish some of TEC friends could explain that to me.


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