Stupidity: Just when you think you have heard it all… at home suppository a fellow serf of the Ferengi came up to me during a short lull in the fury of business and said “hear you are taking a course on line” yes it is a two part course on the Holacaust offered by Tel Avi University and Yad Vashem says I, “Well ,says he, everyone has a holacaust” so says I, we never seem to learn our lesson as human beings including Americans….”What do you mean says he and I say, the one we committed against the Native Peoples. Naw says he that was not genocide I mean it is not like we lined them up and shot them in a pit and yea maybe a few hundred were killed but mostly they died from disease and that was just natural! Mercifully the lull ended and I did not have to respond any further…..God help us!!!


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