the doubting archbishop

The Doubting Archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury said the Paris attacks made him “doubt the presence of God” well

If the horrific attack in Paris was all it took for the Lord Archbishop to doubt God’s presence he is in for a rough ride as the AC’s titular head to say the least! Even for an Anglican this is rather pathetic I mean didn’t the beheading of children and burning alive people and stoning women and hanging gay folke and slavery give him a great pause to ask like Jesus “why have YOU forsaken us”! You can jolly well doubt God’s presence but if this does not prove that Evil is alive and very smart what does!!! God did not kill those innocents but an evil ideology with psychopaths confusing pathology with theology did. Maybe if the Lord Archbishop will preach the Gospel of Jesus which is one of love and peace including and most especially to your enemies a little more passionately and unapologetically with a great deal less concern for political correctness and multiculturalism he might find his answer!


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