A very sad time of year

A very sad time.

This is the beginning for what is for many people, especially the elderly and the alone, one of the most depressing times of the year. Its festival hype and spin can be like thorns in the foot for those who have no family or a family who never bothers to visit them or only call them if that!

I can remember how happy my grandparents were when we as teenagers would take the time to stop in and chat for a while or offer to take them “for a spin around the country” and I also remember one time when we did not do this and how hurt they were. To this day I feel ashamed about that and when I recollect the times those wonderful times with them I ask their pardon.

Years ago I tried to get a number of local pastors whom I knew to suggest to their churches to form “care circles” which would identify people in the different neighbourhoods wherein their congregations were located who were alone and to call them, in particular at this of year, just to chat even for a minute or two. If folkes were receptive to this then to invite them to share the holidays and holy days with them either at their homes or in their churches. None of them did so for all kinds of reasons.

We always have “reasons”.

So if I may I suggest that if you have a grandparent or a relative or a friend who may be ignored at this time of year be certain they are invited to participate in your feast of simply take by a plate of the festive food for them. Or if when you are out eating at places that do not have the decency to close for Thanksgiving or Hanukkah or Christmass make a point to say thank you to those who serve you and those who prepare your food and to those who wash the dishes and utensil you use.


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