Hilary the Militia LadyHilary unlike the President has learned a few lessons about people who may be a wee bit centre right but have not crossed over into Cruzland whose capital is Trumpvile at least not yet and that was revealed in the difference between her answer as to why she refuses to use such terms as “radical Islam” and the President’s explanation. Hilary at first, like the President, said what these people would expect a liberal to say but then she unlike the President said something conservatives could understand and even dare I say support! It is simply this, she said by using that term you are being an unwilling tool of recruitment for ISIS! The message is “I am doing this because I do want to give ammo to the enemy!” They understand that and they agree with it even from a liberal like Hilary Clinton.
The President on the other hand comes across to these people even to those who do not hate him as soft on terrorism, too politically correct and or just plain cowardly. This aura of appeasement, real or imagined and largely of his own making has haunted this president from the beginning. Many Democrats wont say it but it is this almost seemingly psychopathic need to “listen to legitimate proposals from the Republican aisle” that these same Democrats blame for the loss of the House and the Senate and most State Houses as well!


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