trump and such

Dumb like a fox”

Trump is not as dumb as many on the left would love to believe. He is a capitalist and knows the Machiavellian handbook cover to cover. He has managed to put the GOP in quite a pickle and his not so subtle threats to the Party’s “central committee” is well timed and well planned. He gives voice to what a growing number of Americans believe about Islam and Moslems and the world wide condemnation of his “policy” statement by many leaders is for his supporters like water to a drought! It tells his base and those considering at least privately to vote for him that what he is saying is correct and he alone has the guts to “stand up for America”.

You can, as did the President, act like the “professor in chief” and give a very balanced and scholarly reason that he is wrong. You can gather a heard of religious scholars and leaders to condemn Trump’s rhetoric and his ideas. You can have people who lived in the American government internment camps for Japanese Americans to share their stories and injustices. You can even point out how it was racism pure and unconfined because it only applied to Asian Americans and not German or Italian Americans. You could even get the Pope to say it is evil and none of that will or does work! BUT if you convince people that adopting Trump’s policy is giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war by falling into the trap set by that enemy for their recruitment campaigns you just might have a chance.

Lastly you can and many do, and often in a very self righteous and smug manner, point out that “Christianity has done bad things just as bad as Islam and just as often, well at least 900 years ago, and that too wont work. Like the preverbal kid caught with his hands in the forbidden cookie jar whose only defense is “billy does the same thing at his house” it wont wash and does not excuse your “hand being in the cookie jar” in the first place!


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