First Sunday Sabbath after Christmass

My brothers and sisters,

My computer has gone absolutely wonky and I cannot get it to copy all the Readings and Collect for the Day so I am going to post their references and the commentary. My apologies.


In the coming of God with US otherwise known as Jesus the Christ we are given the gift of faith not religion. Though religion was a pointer to what was and is important in our relationship to God and one another it is a pointer that relies on rules and regulations if you will to insure that our conduct is correct. Conduct is not the same as our hearts and does not imply relationship in any mature way but rather conformity. But faith brings depth and understanding and forgiveness and in the Person of Jesus that depth, that understanding, and that forgiveness is matured and embraced not by rules and “traditions of men” as the Scripture would put it but in a loving relationship to all Creation and the Sustainer of that Creation. Jesus is the Word of God not the Bible, the Bible is the Church’s Book to point us to Jesus but it is not the only Revealer of the Holy Spirit. As it has been said before Jesus is a Verb not a Noun! We follow a Person not a Poetic device we follow a Saviour not a divine psychologist and we follow a Master not a feel good guru. Sometimes our relationship is like a donnybrook and sometimes like a romance but rocky or not feel good or no it is the constant Companionship of God who ultimately brings us back to Eden and with all our beloved with him!


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