a thank you

Today is Dr King’s Day and ours. I want to thank the Black Clergy that I have known in my life but especially The Rev Howard Hogan of the FBH Church whom I would dearly love to see again and who was an inspiration and help far more than he ever knew. Howard was one of the most gentle souls I have met in my life and the world has been a better place because of him.
He ran smack dab into the racism of the white church when he was attending Gardner Webb (then college now university.) He told me once with tears streaming down his face the comments made to him by fellow ministerial students at that institution that were so cruel and condescending that those making them were or should have been in danger of hell fire. Howard thought that people who called themselves Christian, in particular those who were studying for the ministry, knew better than to follow the evil of racist condescension but he was wrong. However God had the last laugh and Howard went on to graduate with honours and was asked to be the keynote speaker at one of his denomination’s convocations.
Black Clergy who knew what the white clergy thought of them and their churches and what they said about both behind their backs always extended to me the hand of fellowship, fellowship to a person whose small church was thought of in many ways in the same manner as their own. So to these kind people of the Second Estate God Bless You and Thank you!


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