The Chinwag

What Bishop Curry said was and is about 15 years or more too late. Like it or not the reality is the argument for inclusion of gay folke in every aspect of the Church’s life was NOT framed in the context of the Gospel over the decades leading up to this Canterbury Chinwag. No “movement” Jesus or otherwise argued before your General Conventions what many of us in the gay faith community had insisted on for years that inclusion was demanded by the very Nature of the Incarnation itself. There were no voices of the “bishops’ house” saying it was the Gospel of Jesus the Incarnate Son of God and not social trends that called the church to be open to a new Pentecost because that would have sounded far to “evangelical” far too “orthodox” and far too embarrassing for any fashionably intellectual Episcopal bishop! In fact quite the contrary those who argued the most for inclusion, including your previous PB generally viewed that approach as an “ideology” that was inherently exclusive rather than a foundational theology that required inclusion. Little wonder why conservatives did not hear anything about the open arms of Jesus which is not a symbol but the Reason for this change. What conservatives heard and hear is the symbol with no substance to justify The Reason. If the Episcopal Church had affirmed the authority of Scripture under the stewardship of the Holy Spirit given by Jesus himself to his Church as the justification for the blessing of committed and loving same gender relationships the chinwag at Canterbury may have a far different tone and result.


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