Gaelic word

Gaelic word Gee:I just learned the ancient Gaelic word for God is “Gee”. Language is wonderfully mystical sometimes except our denuded modern English that abbrevs evrethg and changes the meaning to suit the user regardless of its meaning. For example “icon” was not or more probably is not a symbol on a computer, iPad or iPhone or any app, again the abbrev, neither except in American butchered English is a cathedral a large building used mostly as a church. The word “like” is not a period to end a sentence which is in fact declarative but by rising inflection of the speaker indicates a question.I am not a purist and know especially in our digital age that language will reflect technology a technology that has done more to hinder communication than any other phenomena but it is good to remember how to speak a language that once had depth, tone, colours, and spirit and could paint a portrait as beautifully as a brush dipped in water colours and controlled by an artist.
Expletives and toilet words are like fertiliser they can in the right context enrich a sentence if used sparingly otherwise they like the fertiliser become decay that produces nothing but odours.


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