Jesus Junk

I learned a new phrase from of all people employees of a “Christian” business and it is appropriate for the multi million dollar Jesus industry/business and all the modern forms of nothing short of a medieval indulgence sale . The phrase is “Jesus Junk”.
I think “Jesus Junk” can and should refer to the whole range of mainline churches who have “pledge campaigns” like the one at one of the most prestigious Episcopalian parishes in the Asheville area” now a cathedral parish in Asheville called All Souls that used a drawing of a “stick figures” sitting on a flight of steps leading to Jesus with the catch that only those who gave more than their measly 10% could reach the top flight where Jesus was embracing a couple who gave the most money! This was developed by a marketing/consulting firm that the parish paid a handsome sum to develop. Little wonder they understand “brand” better than Gospel. Or take the Roman Catholic archdiocese that was building a multi million dollar “bishop’s palace” until the press got hold of it and embarrassed them into being Christian. And of course you can always add the “evangelicals” and their “christian” music versions of American Idol, the multi million dollar private jets for their salesmen and women er preachers, and the several hundred room macmansions that cost in the millions to really appreciate jesus junk.


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