fyi and the old sacred cow

Sunday will be of course Palm Sunday for all of Western Christianity and when and if the Eastern Christians agree to a common kalendar accepted for centuries by the Western Churches it will soon be Palm Sunday wherever there are Christians and later this week it will be of course Easter Sunday or Pashca as it is called in the Eastern Church.

A few observations: Despite what you read on the internet and undoubtedly on FaceBook Easter is NOT based on a fertility goddess or festival from Egypt nor is the word “Easter” Egyptian in origin. Makes good copy but it is academically, historically, linguistically ABSOLUTELY FALSE!

Now to other matters. Amongst the politically correct and the clueless over privileged self styled “progressives” once again they are rushing to explain jihad and insisting it does not represent the religion that produced and produces it. This rush is in part in response to the capture of one of the murderers/butchers who after crying “god is great” proceeded to murder innocent people in Paris. Religion in general has been one of culture’s and society’s “sacred cows” but in the civilized world and in the 21st century world that is no longer true except for a certain religion that these progressives feel the need to defend and explain away.

But the fact remains that if a religion cannot continue to exist except by violence and the threat of violence which includes every brutality known to human kind and embedded in a so called code of religious law then that religion should be roundly condemned and opposed until and only if it can reform itself and its message. Otherwise it has no place in a civilized and humane world and may in fact be the cause of its destruction as a living planet.


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