Before I go to serve the Ferengi Massa at home suppository a little news. Our Guinea Pig Companion seems to be recovering nicely from his recent illness of unknown origin though he is not quite up to muster yet.

Had my final interview and was offered a new job but turned it down. Less pay and less hours. The excuse was that they were a family owned company with only three stores and one warehouse and simply could not pay more than 8 quid an hour. Sounds reasonable on the surface but like all good capitalists who feed off us and our labour in the light of reality that does not compute.

Take for a example home suppository which is one of the largest corporations in the world. It is management heavy and those lackeys/yes men are very well paid but the people who according to their own training videos are so important to their corporations success are paid the very least. How much business do you think some little sawed off butt kisser with a Napoleonic complex actually brings into the store?! Or how much money do you think the various and sundry “assistant” managers who do not regularly engage a customer make for the company? No it is the person in the aisles and the people checking out folkes that make the money and again those especially the latter are lowest paid and least appreciated of all the employees.

But that is the way it is always in America. When I worked security for a bar in Atlanta I was paid crap and when I would hear the bartenders happy to have had record crowds I would remind them that it was myself and one other person that controlled those record crowds that allowed them to do so, that it was the barback who kept them in ice and beer as well as mixes that allowed them to do so whilst they “the stars” could roll in the bucks. Like fancy restaurants if it were not for the dishwasher who has the hottest dirtiest and most necessary of jobs and who is the least appreciated and least paid that fancy food troth would close! End of rant.


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