a real donnybrook

a real donnybrook:This election or circus if you prefer will no doubt go down in the annals of history as one that shows the soft underbelly of the American body politic in all its perverse and worrisome stupidity and ignorance. On the one hand we have a bully clown that is probably guilty of among other things tax evasion and perjury and is committed to making America “white” again complete with the new plantation system known as for profit prisons, expulsion or possible incarceration of immigrants, revocation of Constitutionally mandated rights, and a gestapo to make the Nazis envious just to name a few whilst on the other hand we have a Wall Street apologist who learned from her husband what Machiavelli meant by political deal making. Add to this a populist who is attracting a lot of support amongst both 21st idealists and the remnant of the old time New Dealers then you begin to see what a contentious stew we have and how much we are the spices that either sweeten the pot or sour it!
The American electorate is not known for its intelligence and has elected everything from slave owners to genocidal maniacs. But despite this the Republic has survived….so far!

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