truly counterfiet

Truly counterfeit:If you actually want to know how truly counterfeit American Christianity is whether it is the “snake oil” variety of televangelists with their various schemes called “ministries” or the largely pathological and fraudulent “independent” catholic internet churches or the mainline widely known respectable well established denominations with millions in annuities and investments not to mention properties here is a jewel for you.
The Episcopal bishop of Los Angles after repeatedly lying to a parish about what he intended to do with their property and after making a secret real estate deal worth allegedly some 15 million dollars with a beach front real estate developer to buy the parish property has won in civil court despite the lies and the cover up of his secret deal. So now what was once a thriving and inclusive parish church and buildings will be torn down for the beach front condos….an oh this bishop Bishop Bruno locked the parish and church doors so that the congregation could not even use the facilities while the court battle waged on.
The reason he won was on a technicality that stated that the original owners of the property that gave the land specifically and restrictedly for a church and parish had failed to renew the over 30 year restriction so the good bishop as CEO of his diocese could therefore go forward with the backroom deal and rob the parish and make over 15 million no mention of whether he got a cut or not but since he has lied so many times …well you get the picture.


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