what is in a hat

OK for all those folkes having hissy fits about the Home Depot employee wearing a hat that said “America was never great” and especially for the dear lady whose son is serving in the military who almost went into cardiac shock when she saw the photo: Unless this person can exercise her First Amendment right to free expression and do so without being having her life threatened and or her job threatened or being vilified then your son is serving for nothing and if God forbid, he was killed whilst serving, his sacrifice would be in vain!

We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights precisely because our Founding Fathers new only too well what would happen if you criticised the king or the prince or whatever potentate ruled over you or if you opposed your country’s wars or if you wanted to practice a religion other than the one the king or queen or prince did and they damn well was not going to allow that to happen in this country! You can fiercely and passionately disagree with this person and her sentiments but you cannot under our laws, Constitution or Bill of Rights punish her for having them. What makes a country great is to be big enough to allow and respect criticisms otherwise your country is a joke and a cruel one!


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