call for rebuke

Call for rebuke: In light of the shooting in Orlando and the disgusting comments by the Lt Governor of Texas and the comments by a Republican Senator, David Perdue, who prayed for the death of the President it is high time that the the bishops of the Church be they Methodists, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or whatever faith community that holds the office of bishop as leaders, and denominations that have moderators and elders and presidents, to say without apology to these politicians and those who support them, “We rebuke you and all those who follow you in the Name of Jesus the Christ, for preaching hate and violence towards gay people and for perverting the Scriptures of the Old Testament and making a mockery of the Gospel”! So please if any of you know anyone who knows these people or may know people who do know these people present this to them and do so very publicly! No wishy washy kinda sorta response but demand they rebuke them publicly in the press and to their faces!


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