As a world or planet if you prefer we decide whose lives have value. We decide who is innocently killed and who is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We decide who to mourn and who to ignore. We decide which children can starve to death and which we are going save. We are perfectly ok with fat cats who run prisons, the new plantations, for profit instead of the state doing its job to help people avoid incarceration. We believe it is ok to allow people to die who do not have money for heath care. We accept that Native People are a living anarchism and what is sacred to them is irrelevant to corporations. We watch daily as families are literally torn apart because of immigration bias and we do nothing. We accept that women are paid less and that veterans are denied benefits while the senators that voted against equality and living wage increases vote themselves a raise. We watch daily as police kill people of colour and remain silent and do not demand accountability but rise up when a police officer is killed. We find it ok to ignore the Bill of Rights but rage when someone suggest assault rife regulation. We think that people who love their own gender are expendable. So why do you wonder why we are always in a storm and never in the rainbow.


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