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Mission Health in Asheville at least in the Neurology Department begins every recorded conversation, because it is rarely you actually are able to talk to a human being, with a pledge to make your experience an “exceptional” one. Well mine has not been one. Earlier this week when I was in exceptionally severe pain and called the “nurse triage” line I asked her to communicate to my neurosurgeon how severe the pain was and to inquire as to whether there was a mouthwash that might alleviate the pain and if the doctor could increase the medication. I received a response through the patient portal which I had informed the triage nurse was the method of communication I had used. It was from the doctor who was on duty. It was a sloppy reply with no specificity as to medications or potential interactions with a new one he recommended or a prescription for said prescription! When I called to register my review of the email as well as the one the triage nurse had sent, a representative that used the fast talking method of neutralising the complainant, which did not work on me, ultimately promised a response from the head of Neurology, a response as of this date I have not received.


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