the reality of the body politic

Years ago when the hypocrites that controlled the House, much like the ones today, that is the Republicans, decided to impeach Bill Clinton for getting what would become the most expensive blow job in American political history a French newspaper wrote an editorial essentially saying American politicians are in fact hypocrites and hypocrites on many levels. After all the then Speaker of the House was an adulterer who delivered his divorce papers to his soon to be ex-wife on her death bed and one of the next leaders of their majority would be proven to be a pedophile! The paper went on to observe that Bill Clinton would have been impeached in France if he had NOT had an affair.
The point is we do not or should not look to our leaders as moral guides in the arena of politics. Jimmy Carter by all reports was as close as we come to a "moral" president and he was regularly and relentlessly made the brunt of jokes and skits for being so and even criticised for not "working with the political realities"
Bernie Sanders did not become a Senator by being a volunteer at Hebrew School. He had to deal with the political realities of his state in order to be elected. He was no "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" because he would not have been elected!
To all of you Bernie Supporters, and for the record I voted for him in the primary, who think you can walk out of the process and embarrass Hilary Clinton and create change you are fool. If Donnie and his bunch get the White House the America he and they will create will not allow you to ever walk out again. The America he and they will create will hunt you down like a dog and show zero support for free speech. You doubt that well in N C his party has ALREADY passed a law that makes it illegal to film a police officer and illegal to report environmental violations and or impact!!!
So make an ass of yourselves and accomplish nothing or hold to your ideals and run for office or volunteer as voter registers or river watchers or whatever helps the body politic!


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