“life is brutal and damnably unfair for most of the world’s population. for many millions of people evan a cup of clean water is a luxury that often is not ever known. for millions gut wrenching hunger is a daily meal not a food. life is immeasurably unjust in how blessings and curses are meted out if you believe in such a cosmic lottery. for many dying in agony and indiffence like a opossum hit by a car is the rule rather than the exception. for many beatings and beheadings is the reward for existence and unspeakable indignity is the rule. “why is this” is as old as the first tablets of language written down by a human being and as modern as digital text and both have no answer in stone or pixel. We have prepositions and theories and mythologies and theologies but we have no definite answers. So what do we have left, we have only our response to this ongoing crucifixion. we can choose to be kind even to the smallest creature and we can aspire to be loving and forgiving to even the most vile being. this my friends is a mystical contradiction but a reality nonetheless and it is called grace! But before we can be giants we must learn to be miniatures and once we have learned this then we can grow from seed to flower and from seedling to tree. We can strive to put one foot in front of the other and we can offer to provide the sandals for another pilgrim. this is often all we can do but what power lies in such offering. Andrew Gentry”


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