A Prediction

I predict: the U S will become a second rate power before the middle of this century and certainly so by the end of it. China will be the new world power by then. The over fed and under read white male servant class will have died out in such sufficient numbers, thank God, that the godless Republicans will have to create a new redneck class of gun toting lunatics to serve them and will Kock Brothers like pay for the genetic engineering of such a class! The Earth’s climate will go beyond the tipping point of no return and the environment will be so poisoned that there is no reversal and in desperation the oligarchy will offer trillions to produce a “profit friendly” solution or demand investment to ensure the colonization of another earth like planet. The counterfeit Christianity of American Evangelicals will morph into an even more evil fraud that ultimately will be believed by no one except the morons who do so today.

Rev Andrew Gentry


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